Our courses might contain additional allergens. If you have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity, please speak to your waiter about details before you order your meal.

12 % service charge will be added to your final bill for parties of 5 or more people.

We have a 5 course, book inspired tasting menu available and a seasonal a’la carte menu. Both a’la carte and tasting menu has vegetarian and gluten free options. In case of vegan menu we try to follow the original theme but it might change. If you would like to have our book inspired tasting menu with optional wine pairing or in case of food allergy, dietary request or sensitivity please advise us in your reservation. For all reservations please contact us at booking@konyvbar.hu We hold your table for 10 minutes only. Should you run late, kindly give us a call and we keep your table. Please note that we accept cancelling or change on the day of the reservation exclusively by phone. We accept: EUR, HUF and all kind of credit card.


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